Poker Legalization Bill Passes House Committee In Texas

Poker Legalization Bill Passes House Committee In Texas

Lawmakers in the state of Texas have finally realized what many residents have been saying. That the game of Texas Hold’em poker is popular and is currently being run underground because of laws in the state.

The Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee has passed through a Bill that would legalize the game of poker in Texas. The vote was 6-3 in favor of the Bill. The Bill is aimed at giving local communities the right to vote on whether to allow poker.

“The vast majority of communities in Texas will hold successful elections allowing Texas Hold’em at specific locations,” said State Director of the Poker Players Alliance, Mike Lavigne, “This is a smart way to allow local control over what will quickly become an economic development issue.”

Representative Jose Menendez is the sponsor of the Bill, and he feels that the current laws are driving people to play at underground games. He wants the laws to reflect the will of the society.

It is currently legal to play poker in Texas, but the house cannot profit from the games. Once the house or the dealer’s profit, the game becomes illegal. The new Bill would call for establishments to obtain poker licenses, and then to be taxed on their winnings.

Illegal Gambling Lottery Under Investigation In Greensboro

When police showed up at the scene of an armed robbery attempt of C&S Jewelers, the last thing they were expecting was to find an illegal gambling operation. That is, however, what they discovered, according to Police Chief Tim Bellamy.

The owner of the store, Kim San, was shot during the robbery attempt. When authorities showed up, they found gambling paraphernalia at the store. Kin has denied any illegal gambling was taking place.

When questioned about the possibility of an illegal lottery being run out of the business, San was emphatic in his answer that nothing illegal was taking place. He told WFMY News 2, “no” when asked, “So your jewelry store is not a front for a gambling ring?”

During the gambling investigation, police seized large amounts of money from San’s home and business. They also seized receipts that they felt were being used for the illegal gambling.

It was a complex betting scheme consisting of several different forms of gambling. Sports bets were taken and an illegal lottery was also being run, according to the police. The robbery did not produce the gambling investigation, Vice Narcotics had been watching the store for several months.

The suspects in the shooting were not yet found by the police. San’s daughter and wife were both at the store at the time of the shooting but were unharmed.