Poker Player Stereotypes

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a guy with long hair? How about a man clad in a Hawaiian shirt with a comb-over his head? Does your mind seem to draw conclusions from the attire of a person? Well, in a poker game, there are a lot of individuals who try to read their opponents from the way they dress. There are a lot of thoughts surrounding the game.


Many of us believe that if a player is dressed like a surfer and his stack of chips is arranged in a random fashion, chances are that this is a loose player. The game for you can be aggressive and there are bright chances to win over this player. However, there is another theory existing as well. If the player is dressed in formals and looks as if he is just out of a boardroom, is generally thought to be a tight player. These players are neat and their chip stack is organized. Based on the looks, these players would typically fold, unless they have a really strong hand to hold on to. These are the kind of players who would calculate the odds in the pot faster than the IBM product. At least, this is what it seems to be.

Stereotypes exist for a reason and therefore they have some validity. In the game of poker, everyone is looking to gain an edge. It may perhaps happen that the loose players may don the Armani suit and play tight, so as to get the opponents off the game. On the other hand, the tight players may dress up casually and raise the bets even when they have a pair of twos, so as to get the rest of the table thinking otherwise. Judging the opponents by stereotype is a good way to get some information about the opponents; however one should avoid making conclusions about the competition without watching them play a few hands.